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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

life on Silky Soul's office balcony

Silky Soul’s practice in the centre of the town has a little balcony facing the inner space surrounded by ugly grey buildings with just one tall tree in the middle. Quite a dreary view.

So, Silky Soul decided to add some life to it. As the rays of sun never reach this corner, here is what we furnished it with:

hostas and heucheras




Perhaps it is no surprise that we were not the only ones who noticed the difference.

They probably chose the most natural looking spot in the long sight but what would you do? Some people warn, Pigeons are dirty, overpopulated and spread diseases, get rid of the nest, again and again, before they hatch. Others say, We should be thankful for at least some sign of nature, we want everything our way, clean and aseptic, but it is us who messed up the animals’ natural environment … Silky Soul tried to get rid of the twigs repeatedly but the birds keep coming back with so much determination I think they have overpowered him by now. To me they look quite touching. Will keep you posted.


  1. Let them come to the balcony. Of course it could happen that the Pigeons would become more and more. I would try to keep it under control. We human being have to have "everything" under control or we would get problems with other peoples.

    I am very happy to own a "big" garden so I can let the things grow.

    This balcony looks so much nicer with the little plants and it is touching to watch this. Hostas and fuchsias are beautiful and will grow.

    A nice hello,Brigitte

  2. Thank you Brigitte for your nice comment and for the favourable opinion... Silky Soul says he enjoys the new balcony much more, he goes there in his breaks to talk to the plants and, well, now to the pigeons, too...

  3. i'm sure the addition of this garden is an uplifting addition to silky soul's life .. delightfull ..

  4. Silky soul made a wonderful improvement to this balcony!

    I posted a challenge for you on my blog. I do hope you take it. P x

  5. Congratulations! Your petite garden is really cute. I would suggest rectangular pots, plastic
    or clay..Your choice. It would allow you to have
    more plants in less space. The plastic has an advantage, less irrigation.

    From the Caribbean....Antigonnum the collector....

  6. Hello Jane, thank you for your encouraging comment.

    Thanks, Pam! I'll see what I can do about the challenge...

    And welcome, exotic visitor Antigonum and thanks for the nice words and the tip on pots!

  7. Hi jane, yes, as far as I know Silky Soul, I would say, that you are right, and the change of balcony is visible small piece of the big shift in Silky Soul's life