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Monday, May 3, 2010

update on the one-afternoon-garden

Just one week after the memorable afternoon during which this whole garden was created, see how the plants have nicely settled

sedums, sempervivums, saxifragas and ganesha


sedums and sempervivums




sedum owl


  1. nadherne foto v hlavicke - healing atmosphere ...

  2. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
    I love your little garden with the sempervivum plants, I also have lots of them in vintage pots my garden.
    Your gardening without having a garden reminds me of the time when I lived in the center of the city, in a lovely apartment on the second floor in the backhouse. I had no garden nor a balcony, but I always grew lots of flowers and even tomatoes and strawberries on the window sill.
    So I am very interested about your gardenless garden and I am sure i will come back!
    Greetings from Germany, Monika

  3. Hello Monika, very nice to hear from you! I am just a beginning blogger, so I only plan to show the pictures of my balcony and other opportunities that I take to play with plants in my future posts and I hope to have more to show to you when you come back. Thank you for visiting, and best wishes!

  4. Hi, Chamanilla, Your photographs are beautiful. I love the header with the coleus and the kitty. Pam

  5. Hi Pam, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. The kitty is my sweetheart and coleus is one of the not so many plants that thrive even on my shaded balcony. I will show more pictures of my balcony later, so I hope you come back to check them out.

  6. Hello, it seems to be such a nice garden. I have seen your link at Hillside garden. And I am going to take it with me.

    Have a good gardentime, Brigitte

  7. Hello Brigitte, thank you for visiting and for your comment. It feels nice to be becoming a part of the world-wide gardening community. Although I don't have a garden, my partner and I have several little gardening projects that I wish to introduce here.

  8. You really are creative with plants and containers. They blend well. ~bangchik

  9. Hello Bangchik, lovely to have a visitor from such a faraway land and thank you for your comment. I like your blog and I am jealous of the gardening opportunities you have in your climate :-)

  10. Thank you Jessie. We planted these at our friend's and next weekend we'll see these plants again after more than a month. I am curious to see where the hair has grown...