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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

gardenless gardening inspiration

Recently, when reading a post about how balcony gardening gets contagious on the balcony gardening blog the 6×8 garden, I remembered some photos that I took in the past during my travels that have inspired me with how much can be done with just a little.

Barcelona, Spain:

Krakow, Poland:

Madeira, Portugal:

Since I became part of the community of fellow gardenless gardening bloggers, I have found inspiration also with the urban organic gardener, especially his former fire escape garden, he offers good practical tips.
In his own words, Anything’s possible!

I have also enjoyed exploring ideas about roof top gardening or parking strip gardening, and I fell in love with the subversive concept of guerilla gardening. If you have 2 spare minutes, do not miss this touching video about a very special guerilla gardener.

A piece of good news at the end, renovation on our house is finished, the weather is warm and sunny and our balcony fully inhabited again. Sadly, now my old camera is on strike, so photos next time…


  1. These are great! I'm snagging some for my inspiration file.

    I really like the ones with the Juliet balconies — some people think they aren't good for anything!

  2. Welcome Erin, my favorite balcony garden blogger :-) And thanks for the challenge...

  3. Very inspirational - even for those of us who have more space. I would put some of those arrangements around my patio.

  4. Dear Chamomilla, I have by chance come across your weblog and what a delight it is. Not only do you include so many very attractive photographs but you are also, very clearly, the owner of three adorable cats. Absolutely lovely.

    My own Garden Journal centres on my small garden in London and on my life in Budapest where I spend most of my time [and where I do not have a garden so am gardenless!] and so I write about all kinds of different things which are loosely connected to gardening.

    I am signing up as a 'Follower' because I have so enjoyed reading your postings and wish to keep in touch.

  5. Hi Pam, thank you, I'm glad to hear that container gardening really is contagious...

    Dear Edith, thank you for visiting and for your kind comment. My cats thank you for the compliment. I am curious to explore your blog. I've just come back from a holiday in Croatia and will soon share what I saw there in my next post...

  6. Milá Chamomillo,
    moc děkuji za milý komentář na mém blogu a hlavně za spoustu inspirace z toho Tvého. Je opravdu moc zajímavý a krásný - formou i obsahem. Zdá se, že nás fascinují podobné věci... Do Brna se během podzimu určitě chystám, tak doufám, že uvidím Tvou balkónovou zahradu na vlastní oči. Já mám teď v plánu osázet partyzánské truhlíky jarními cibulkami a pak už na něj budu jen čekat... A mezi tím krmit sýkorky (a spol) ve Stromovce slunečnicemi, které tam vyrostly. Přeji Ti krásné barevné podzimní dny plné slunce. PZ