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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flower market in Leuven

Two weeks ago I went on a business trip to the town of Leuven, Belgium. 

On Friday morning they made my day by taking all these beautiful flowers out into the streets!


  1. Oh just beautiful! I was in Haarlem, Holland recently, and there was a similar market. I could hardly restrain myself from buying armfuls.

  2. Very beautiful! In Belgium they show another kind of presentation at the markets as I do know. In Germany they wouldn't do it that way but anyway I like the Belgium kind.

  3. Hello Barbara, I know exactly what you mean, fortunately I was travelling by plane, so that made it easier not to spend all my money on that market.

    Hello Brigitte, I had never seen such tasteful arrangement and wide variety of flowers for sale as that day in Belgium.

  4. Love the first picture. The brickwork. And stonework. And a clematis round the door?

  5. Hello Diana! That is actually a climbing rose. You can read more about the Béguinage (UNESCO World Heritage Sight) where the photo was taken, here: