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Sunday, January 8, 2012

winter bloom

I have had this Helleborus for at least three seasons and now is the first time it is about to bloom. 

This was Josefínka's favorite path around the house, she used to love to come here to enjoy the sun-heated pavement.

I like to think that this plant is putting forth its blossom for her.

In this unusually warm winter, another Helleborus, Senecio, Heuchera and Hebe are holding strong on our baclony.


  1. Not forgotten, your little cat!
    I have the same Helleborus in my garden, just for one year now. It was a present of a garden-friend. I curious how many years it will take until it will bloom.

    Love, Brigitte

  2. I recognized it earlier that you changed the photo at the top but I've just read your post about Josefinka. I share your sorrow.

    1. Thank you, dear Eszter. Hearing the words of sympathy from other bloggers here has really helped me cope with it, knowing that other people also know what it feels like. It is only now when she is gone that I realize fully what she meant to me and our cat family. I am still very sad about it but somehow I feel that we do have a connection that lasts forever.

    2. It cannot be other ways. They stay with us in us. Their kindness, the way they care, who they are is unforgettable.