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Friday, February 8, 2013

first snowdrop

This is a photo taken today. The first promise of spring.


  1. now we have spring, and you turn to autumn

    1. Dear Diana, I feel so bad. I am only finding your comment now, after taking an almost neverending break from blogging. How did it happen? But I intend to come back, I've missed the blogging world and my friends.. so to reply to you, now we have spring again.. well, almost summer. I will post some photos of the balcony soon.

    2. so glad to see you back ;~)
      Each time I see your blog on my Came From stats, I click thru.
      Today I see 2 fresh posts. I was thinking of your balcony when I saw an American house for sale - under a million dollars - and all they could say about the garden was 'irrigation'! So sad that garden space is wasted on some people.

    3. Thank you, Diana. I am moved. How we can touch each other's lives over such distance in space - and time! A house with a garden is still only a dream to me but I continue dreaming...