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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

furry acrobat

Last weekend Silky Soul and I decided to put up a box for “our” squirrel. The squirrel story is starting to turn into a sort of community project. Now many neighbors know what I am after, so one tall neighbor volunteered to climb up a ladder lent by another neighbor who is also offering old walnuts and dried mushrooms from the previous year to feed the squirrel. Another elderly lady is watching the squirrel from her window “for me” and reports on her every move.

The moment we went out to put up the box, the squirrel was right in front of the entrance door and rewarded us in advance by this acrobatic performance.

Silky Soul was self-possessed enough to capture it.

I call the squirrel Agáta.

As we were hanging the box to the tree (it is an old linden tree and we decided against using screws), another, red squirrel ran up the tree, took a quick look and disappeared.

It is actually a bird box, not a squirrel den but the squirrels are supposed to like it too. I am curious. We later found the other squirrel on a spruce tree on the other side of our house, next to a busy intersection. Thanks to Silky Soul again, we are fortunate enough to have this picture of him. I call him Adam. We already have another box ready to go up this tree.

I am very excited to actually have two squirrels! Our next plan is to make a squirrel (bird-proof) feeder to help them overwinter. Don't worry about the birds, they already have many bird feeders around.
I am thankful to Silky Soul and my neighbors who are helping me to make my plans come true. I wouldn't be able to do it on my own.


  1. Great photos and yes, it is such a nice expierence to have a animal around. We get different animals like hedgehogs and squirrels in our garden. We would watch them for hours!

    Love, Brigitte

  2. Dear Brigitte, thank you and that's wonderful that all these animals come to your garden that creates a safe haven for them. Enjoy!

  3. sometimes life provides us with squirrels .. or whatever .. to bring us together with other people .. for a time .. these squirrels are very fortunate to have found you, brigitte ..

  4. Hello Jane, thank you for your nice and profound words. Sometimes I think we are too busy in our everyday lives to keep our eyes open to the wonders of the world around us...