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Sunday, November 7, 2010

more squirrels!

By now I have three. Here is Agáta, the black one, that sat and apparently just meditated the other morning just a few meters away from my window on a branch of a pine tree. This picture was taken from the window.

I went outside to take a live look at her and found another black squirrel on the spruce tree!

So this is where another squirrel box went.
Agáta no.2 came to say thank you in person.

Thanks to Silky Soul who can climb trees...

If you wonder what squirrels actually do in these boxes, take a look…


  1. Very cute! I like it to watch these photos! Have a lot of fun to watch them!

    Love, Brigitte

  2. Thank you, Brigitte. Now I am very curious to see if they actually do inhabit these boxes...

  3. Dear Chamomilla, I love your squirrel stories. It is fun that you gave them names. We have several in our garden, but I didn't name them, as they all look alike to me. I do have a squirrel feeder though, which my husband keeps filled with peanuts.
    Pam x

  4. Dear Pam, thank you! Of course, giving them names was easy as long as there was a red one and a black one. Now that there are two black ones, I'm in trouble. I will check your blog to see your squirrels! X

  5. Gorgeous, Chamomilla! So you have squirrels, too. And nice neighbours.

  6. Thanks for the lovely pictures of the squirrels,
    I like theses little fellows very much Chamomilla!


  7. Dear Eszter, I'm glad you found some time to visit this blog in between your babysitting sessions... Yes, now I have squirrels, too, although they make quite independent pets!

    Dear Gabriele, I am happy to find someone who is also passionate about squirrels... and I hope to have more squirrel stories soon!

  8. Oh, I LOVE that photo of the two squirrels sleeping on their backs. Too funny! See? They are just like us!

    We have a couple of squirrel nests in our trees, much to my dog's irritation!

  9. Hello JGH, yes! Many animals are just like us... but mostly better :-)

    How lucky you are to have squirrels nesting right in your garden!

  10. We also have squirrels in our garden and they also do have a name :) We love to watch them, it's sometimes better than TV.
    Happy holiday season, Monika

  11. Great to hear of squirrels in your part of the world! Are they almost black in colour all year round? In the summer in the Scottish Highlands, they are orange and in the winter, orange/brown!! Juliet of www.redsquirrelsofthehighlands.co.uk

  12. Hello Juliet, and a warm welcome! There are two types in our country - dark brown to black, and red. I haven't noticed any colour variation during the seasons, but the quality of fur changes. They are much more hairy now and they only grow "teasels" (I don't know the term in English) on their ears for the winter.