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Thursday, December 9, 2010

squirrel feeder

This is Silky Soul being creative.
One week ago we finally put the feeder up on the tree that we see from the window and balcony. The squirrels haven't found it yet. It is waiting for them filled with walnuts, chestnuts, beechnuts and sunflower seeds.

I learned how to make a squirrel feeder, what to put in it and why it is necessary to feed them, from a lady who runs a squirrel sanctuary. Every year some baby squirrels fall out of the nest, or adult squirrels get injured by cars or predators. The sanctuary receives squirrels from all over the country and makes sure they get all the care they need in order to get well again. Squirrels that recover from the injuries are then released into the nearby woods. Others, that would not be able to survive at large, stay and live a happy life at the sanctuary. The sanctuary updates photos and stories on their Facebook page. You can see how the feeder works here.


  1. Very cool..love it! and I adore squirrels...they are so beautiful..I love feeding them too! Wonderful post!

  2. This post makes me happy. Just saying.

  3. Hello Victoria, thank you for visiting and for your comment.

    Welcome, grumblebunny, and thank you for the nice words.

    Thanks, Brigitte! I hope they will soon learn how to use it...

  4. I see that you posted this over a week ago..I'm guessing the squirrels have found it by now! In fact, I'm wondering if there are any nuts left??

  5. Well, actually, they haven't... But we've had some cold weather with plenty of snow and we haven't seen any squirrels around for quite some time... I suppose they are staying warm and cozy up there in their nests, munching on what they have stored there for the long, hard winter... And also, walnuts keep disappearing from a large bird feeder on the opposite side of the house where they are used to going (it has been up for a few years), so maybe they haven't had the need to explore new possibilities yet?