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Thursday, March 17, 2011

praying for Japan

for the people, animals and gardens of Japan

A message from Torako Yui, Chairperson of the Japanese Homeopathic Medical Association:

This huge earthquake in North east coastal area has been reported as the worst in Japan and I heard the below news as one episode what was happening on this horrible day. This made me think about this event, being in the midst of an ongoing process. I would like to tell you very important thing how I would take this disaster and would like you to think.
There was a young lady, who was working for the village town hall in south Sanriku town, which was one of the badly affected places. She was in charge of risk management in the town hall and had a responsibility to inform people in village that the town is expecting to have a huge Tsunami, so she decided to stay at the hall. Even her mother called her to escape, this young lady did not respond to it and kept announcing people in the village through local transmission ‘Please evacuate from the village! Please evacuate! 6m high Tsunami is coming to this town!’
Her mother made the heartbreaking decision to evacuate from the village by a car, leaving her daughter behind. She evacuated, listening to her daughter’s announcing voice. Cars behind the mother were wiped away. People kept beeping horns in their cars for seeking help. The mother could escape to a mountain side with listening to her daughter’s voice and car horn sounds, but it was real pain for her.
In the end, most of people at the village town hall were killed by this disaster. Only a few tough men who hanged on an iron pole on a roof terrace could survive. The young lady was announcing on third floor of the building until the end. All windows were broken and there were full of rubbles in the wracked building. It was found that the tsunami was not 6 meter high, but was 10 meter high, and wiped the young lady and the village town.
Moreover, the most serious problem by this huge Tsunami has now been on nuclear plants on the coastal area. Japan has approximately 55 nuclear plants on coastal places, which is extraordinary in the world.
What this disaster made me think was that Japanese people should be awakened cleverly. I think that we should start a movement to stop having nuclear plants. I think Japanese people should be brave enough to say that we do not need them anymore, and I would like to generate such move from Japan to the world.
I think it would be good if other countries in the world agree with this move, as Japan start this protest against nuclear plants. What Japanese people should do now is to replace nuclear plants with other resourced plants, being used natural power such as oceans’ waves, and winds. We really should work towards such development, which we can use nature to generate electricity.
I am strongly feeling that Japan should start this move, dreaming a day, when there is no nuclear plants in Japan, in midst of this disaster. 

At the moment, 1,800 people were found killed, 15,000 people are missing. It is expecting the death toll will be more than 10,000 people.
As Japan have already experienced atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we, Japanese people really should tell that we do not want to have nuclear plants in our country. I think that it is time for Japanese to face this issue.
If we, Japanese people, do not do any actions after suffering from such big disaster and huge victims and being expected radiation exposure, it will not change nuclear plants situation in the world.
I am feeling this is our mission for Japan, who received this big catastrophe. That is why, it is time for we, Japanese, to hang in. We could not realize how dreadful to have 55 nuclear pants until we had such huge victims. That is why, I think we have to keep improving ourselves every day.
Hahnemann said ‘Aude sapere (Dare to know)’.
We have to know what is safe and what is not safe, what is truth and what is not truth, and what is right and what is not right. It is time to know those things.

I believe that people in the world will be saved if Japan stop having nuclear plants.

I think that Japanese people should start this move with courage. I really hope such dangerous nuclear plants will disappear from your countries, too.

Torako Yui
Chairperson of JPHMA

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  1. that would seem a worthy cause, would it not ..
    thank you for the post .. japan can use a lot of vibrational support at this time ..