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Monday, February 21, 2011

European Tree of the Year

Through the trees we help people find their way to nature and each other.

Choose one of the candidates from 
Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, 


  1. and the winner is ;) :

    1st place – Lime in Leliceni (Romania) – 23 298 votes
    2nd place – Plane in Garmen (Bulgaria) – 18 374 votes
    3rd place – Plane in Letenye (Hungary) – 8 836 votes
    4th place – Oak in Dubinné (Slovakia) – 3 403 votes
    5th place – Hrom’s oak (Czech Republic) – 2 312 votes


  2. Thank you Boris for the update! It is a pity that only so few European countries participated. I think the organizers promise that more countries will be involved next year. We want to see all the beautiful trees of Europe!

  3. Great idea. I liked the plane in Letenye best. I just love plane trees and to me they are the quintessential European boulevard tree.