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Sunday, October 9, 2011

young squirrels 2

Today I was able to take some more shots of the squirrel youngsters playing.


  1. Excellent pictures, they really are enjoying life! We have sighted a squiirel in our backyard too and mom has been putting out nuts for it. It loves maple seeds and we have a huge maple here. Good times!

  2. Very good photos! I enjoyed it to see all the pictures! If you click, you can see it enlarged and even then the photos are considered more beautiful! The squirrels are very cute and I hope they survive the winter well!

    A nice hello, Brigitte

  3. Thank you, Cat with a Garden, Thank you, Brigitte!

    The photos are not very sharp because it is very difficult to capture these little squirrels - they move around so fast but it is so much fun to watch them. I will try to help them through the winter and will certainly keep you informed.

    Warm greetings for these cold days!

  4. Cool photos! They must have recognized you, dear Chamomilla, but were gripped by the game.

  5. Thank you Eszter. What made me really happy was to hear two of my elderly neighbors tell me recently how pleased they were to watch the little squirrels. Especially one of them usually only complains of illnesses and social and economic crises; I am glad she could also find something positive in this world.