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Saturday, October 8, 2011

young squirrels!

Thank you to all my followers who have patiently waited for me to blog again...

Today I had a big surprise waiting for me outside the door. Four young squirrels were chasing each other on the pine trees in front of our house! They are so cute. I like to think that our squirrel feeder has helped their mother along, and I hope to see these little ones find the feeder as well, as the winter time is approaching... There has been abundance of acorns, beech nuts, and hazel nuts this year, and I have been diligently collecting, drying, and storing.


  1. How cute is that! Of course, loyal followers are waiting for you. One does not always have time to blog!

    I hope with you that the little squirrel will survive the winter well, your feeding station will certainly help them to be there.

    Kind regards, Brigitte

  2. Thank you, Brigitte. Nice to see you again here!

  3. Cute ones. Lucky squirrels.

    Squirrils were the ones to surprise me while I visited USA first time. They were big ones, and so cute. In India, they are pretty small and have those three lines on their back. We have many of them in our small yard, they will be making that cute noise through out the day on the coconut trees.