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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

help save ancient forests of England - petition

"So often described as our equivalent to the rainforest, ancient woodland is defined as a habitat of extraordinary continuity which stretches back hundreds - even thousands - of years. Ancient woods therefore are fragile and highly sensitive to change - and are irreplaceable."


  1. There are just a few forests that are not used by agriculture or the industry in Europe. They cannot be replaced by anything else. I agree, protecting them are crucial.

    Your previous post about the successful alliance is a good model. Such exotic animals like wolves and lynxes disappeared long ago in Hungary. It's wonderful that their habitat is protected not that far from us. (I must have made a mistake last time when I commented that post, as it's gone with electric wind.)

  2. Eszter, indeed, I didn't receive any comment from you on the previous post. But I can assure you that Boris aka Silky Soul would gladly extend his invitation to the hike, too! You probably live the closest to it, anyway...? Well, definitely closer than Diana :-)

  3. "A government announcement today shows the first signs that our petition is working.

    Existing rules allow the government to sell off up to 15% of the Forestry Commission's woodlands in England in each four year period.

    Today the government announced that it is putting the 2011/12 sales on hold so that it can review them in the light of the response to its consultation about the future of the entire Forestry Commission estate.

    We welcome this decision as a positive sign that the government is listening to our "Save England Ancient Forests" campaign. We have been particularly concerned that the sales have included ancient woodland planted with conifers with no guarantees that they will be restored to native broadleafed woodland. Last year we persuaded DEFRA minister Jim Paice to halt sales of these sites in 2010/11. Restoration of planted ancient woodland is the biggest opportunity for woodland conservation in a generation. We are pleased that the 2011/12 plans will now be considered as part of the consultation over the future of the Forestry Commission estate.

    Thanks to your help 128,000 people have signed our petition in 2 weeks, calling for protection of ancient woodland and safeguarding of access. We are optimistic that today's announcement is a signal that government will address these issues in its overall plans.

    So, if you haven't already done so, please encourage family and friends to sign the petition and add their voice to yours."

    Woodland Trust