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Thursday, February 3, 2011

the keeper of the wilderness

Continuing with the theme of preserving ancient forests and natural habitats of wild animals, let me take you for a virtual walk through the Silent Valley of the Slovak mountains - the Tatras. Here, in the heart of Europe, an isolated fortress of true wilderness has been restored after 40 years of no interventions by humans. Meet the bears, the wolves, the mountain goats...

The trailer is in Slovak but the images speak for themselves

The DVD with English, French, German and Polish subtitles can be ordered at info@arollafilm.com


  1. Dear Chamomilla, How wonderful to live near such wonderful wildlife habitats! And so important to keep them safe. The DVD sounds fascinating.

    Thank you for your kind wishes prior to my hospital stay! I am home now and feeling well. I'll post soon. P x

  2. chamomilla, i'm so glad to see you are back on line .. i'd thought perhaps you'd disappeared .. this is such a beautifully done video .. the language of the country adding to it perfectly .. it reminds me of forests very near where i live .. what a beautifull country ..

    i am glad to hear that you are feeling well ..

  3. Dear Jane, thank you... and hopefully, I will soon come out of hibernation...